"the summit"

I just attended my first "Leadership Summit" hosted by Willow Creek Community Church. Loved it! Basically, it was two days of inspirational thoughts and challenges from those who lead at high levels. Here were some of my favorite takeaways:

> You cannot give passion if you don't have it. - T.D. Jakes, Pastor
> Part of leadership is giving people confidence. - Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric
> When leaders invest in themselves, everyone wins! - Bill Hybels, Pastor
> Greatness is a process that involves disciplined thought and disciplined action. - Jim Collins, Business Thinker and Best Selling Author
> Leadership is all about helping your "players" get better. - Tony Dungy, Winning Coach of the 2007 Super Bowl (over the Chicago Bears)
> Our nature is to be active and engaged not passive and inert. - Daniel Pink, Business Thinker and Best Selling Author
> It's never too early to start giving. - Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS Shoes

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Mom said...

I love all these comments about leadership! Glad the conference spurred you on!