crossbows & catapults

My youngest son Caden has recently started playing one of my favorite childhood games called "Crossbows & Catapults". I started playing this game with my neighbor Doug in Yorkville, Illinois. Doug got the game for a birthday, and it changed everything. We spent hours setting up and strategizing. We modified the crossbows so that they could blast through anything in their way. We transformed the dining room in his house to a medieval battlefield. Fast forward a few years (maybe 25!). The game is better and faster. The colors are brighter. And...more weapons. There's now a canon. It all makes me aware of how fast time seems to be flying. I've been thinking of this phrase recently, life is awake. I'm trying to do more than just move from day to day. I'm trying to do more than just exist. I'm trying to do more than just the "same old thing". We don't have all the time in the world. Enjoy today. Enjoy the moments that you have to laugh, live, and impact others. For me, it was a simple game of Crossbows & Catapults with someone I love.


Mom said...

What a nice story. . . I don't even remember that game :-)

Kym said...

She doesn't remember because she didn't know... she never would have allowed that game to be played ;)